What is Organic Chai Tea and how to prepare it

Chai is a phrase used to refer to tea. Organic Chai tea is, therefore, a common beverage in most parts of the world. Chai tea is known for its spiciness and sweetness as well as its fragrant aroma.

It is made from a mixture of black tea and ginger and one can add other spices. Some of these spices for its preparation include; cinnamon, black pepper, coriander seed, and cardamom.

It’s prepared using warm water and milk. One can sweeten it depending on how you want it served. The beverage has many benefits which include; body fitness, helps in digestion, and controls blood sugar levels.

How to prepare organic chai tea

You need not go buying chai tea from cafes all the time. For chai lovers, they need to learn how to prepare the tea in the comfort of their homes. The following is a procedure to follow to make tasty organic chai tea.

How to prepare organic chai tea

Ingredients required include; 1 cup of milk,1cup of milk, a green tea bag, a small cinnamon stick,1 fresh ginger root,2 or 3 cloves,3 cardamom pods, 2 tablespoons of honey.

Place all ingredients into a source pan and warm them over medium heat.

Heat until the boiling starts and then turn off the heat as you continue stirring.

Boil the mixture once more and don’t stop stirring. Turn off the heat.

Allow it to cool for about 4-5 minutes.

Pour it into a cup and serve.

With the above procedure, you will have a homemade organic chai tea which is not too expensive to prepare whenever one is at home.

Health benefits of organic chai tea

Chai tea has many benefits that are essential to our bodies. The following are some of the benefits of drinking organic chai tea.

It improves the immune system of the body. Organic chai tea has antioxidant spices that are very powerful when it comes to keeping the body strong.

Chai tea helps in reducing blood sugar levels

The spices in the tea contain healing traits that help in the protection of diseases. Ginger being one of its species helps in reducing inflammation.

Cardamom in the tea helps in digestion of food in the stomach preventing stomach upsets. Therefore, a cup of organic chai tea keeps can keep the doctor away as it keeps your body healthy.

Chai tea helps in reducing blood sugar levels. The beverage controls the level of blood sugar in the body. Cinnamon in the tea reduces insulin resistance as it controls blood sugar levels.

With lower insulin resistance, the body can use insulin to take sugar out of the blood into the body cells. Homemade organic tea is important as it does not contain a lot of sweeteners compared to that of the café.

Making the tea yourself is advisable for your health since one can prepare using the right ingredients that will not harm the body.

Improves the health of the heart. Research shows that organic chai tea is healthy to the heart. One of the proofs to support the statement is that cinnamon reduces the rate of blood pressure.

It also reduces cholesterol levels keeping your heart healthy. Therefore drinking three to four cups of organic chai tea will reduce blood sugar levels lowering the body from risks of heart diseases.

The beverage improves digestion and prevents nausea. chai tea has ginger as one of its spices. Ginger prevents nausea, especially to pregnant women.

A cup of chai tea daily has the right amount of ginger required by the body to reduce feelings of nausea. Chai tea also contains cloves and cardamom which have antibacterial properties that help in the digestion of food. This prevents problems related to digestion keeping your body fit.

A cup of chai tea daily has the right amount of ginger required by the body to reduce feelings of nausea.

Chai tea helps reduce weight. Most people take it to reduce body weight.

The beverage helps in increasing fat loss in the body. Since the tea contains proteins that help reduce hunger and makes the stomach feel full.

Once you take a cup of organic chai tea, it will prevent one from overeating. The tea also promotes fat break down reducing the increase of calories from the food in the stomach.


Organic chai tea as seen from the above description is an important beverage that everyone should consider preparing. The beverage has no limitations to any age. It’s safe to consume since it contains many health benefits. However, it contains caffeine that may cause an unpleasant effect on people with such problems. For such people, they should consume only the rightful amount.

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