The Best Organic Loose Tea

If you your struggling to decide what tea to serve at tomorrows book meeting or just simply want the best Organic Loose Tea you can hog all to yourself, you are in good company here.

Use the table of content’s if you would like to skip right to the list, otherwise have a read about the proven health benefits of organic loose tea leafs – because i assure you their are many!

Health benefits of organic loose Tea

Proven health benefits of organic loose tea

There is certainly something a bit romantic about tea, and the way it was traditionally made. It brings many feelings of nostalgia and comfort – albeit threw the eyes of history rather than my own. Although I must confess to have partaken in a few tea ceremonies in my life.

But good feeling’s and happy emotions aren’t the only thing that a good cup of real organic loose tea can bring to the party. In fact – There are many scientifically proven benefits to this wonderfully hot beverage.

Increased brain function

Organic Loose Tea can increase cognition

As a stimulant, loose tea tends to act as a cognitive enhancer for a short period of time. This includes a direct increase in intelligence, Problem solving abilities, memory and even reflexes. Not unlike it’s popular counterpart, coffee.

How does it work? By blocking a inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain called adenosine, it causes an increase in the rate which neurons fire while also directly increasing the amount of dopamine and norepineprhine. [1][2]

Caffeine also has many other benefits. You can read more about it here

You can get buff, Quick.

Certain teas promote fitness

That’s right, Not only does it give you brain power but it gives you physical power too! There are several studies that show you can improve your physical performance just by drinking organic teas. Loose, of course (because its the best!).

The caffeine in the tea also increases the speed in which your metabolism functions, which directly corilates to weight loss. Not only that, two studies were done that showed caffeine was capable of boosting your physical ability by a whopping 12% on average! [3] [4]

Loose Green Tea has been shown to help lower risk of Alzheimer’s. [5]

None of us want to grow senile when we’re older, and a lot of remarkable progress has been made fighting off this horrible disease. But one thing you can do to improve your chances is drink a lot of organic green tea.

Green organic tea lowers risk of alzheimers

It’s been known a long time that green tea is as powerful as all the ancient sages and great historians claimed it was. And this is yet another notch on it’s belt.

Besides, I can’t think of a better way to strive off senility than sipping a cuppa tea at the fireplace, breakfast noon and dinner.

And there are just so many more benefits to organic loose tea that I’m only going to list them out otherwise this article is simply going to be too long!

Other benefits include:

  • Lowers risk of cancer
  • Is good for your teeth
  • Has been shown to lower the chances of getting type 2 diabetes
  • Increases heart strength
  • Overall makes you a healthier longer lived person

Why you should avoid none-organic loose teas

In most none-organic teas there are a lot of nasty chemicals that you should consider avoiding. Normaly, those things include chemical fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

You will notice most of those words end in a nasty suffix, -icides. defines the -icide suffix as the following:

-icide /ɪsaɪd/ (also -cide) suffix [in nouns]  someone or something that kills a particular person or thing, or the act of killing insecticide (=chemical substance for killing insects) suicide (=the act of killing yourself)

Now does that sound like something you want to put inside your body? No of course not! That’s why you should always choose organic loose teas rather than none-organic. It’s just plain the smart thing to do. Honestly.

Like seriously, Don’t fight this, Embrace it. That stuff is seriously bad for you!

Identifying truly organic teas vs none-organic

Sometimes knowing if a tea is organic can be a bit difficult. This is especially true for loose style tea as it often comes in unbranded packaging or even just a clear plastic bag. Here are a few tips to consider when attempting to figure it out.

If the tea has packaging – check to see if it has any stickers or some other form of disclosure that it’s organic grade and grown with out the use of such -icides we spoke about earlier. Also look for the anti-gmo label as it’s also a good indicator.

It shouldn’t be hard to find, these companies tend to want to really shove it in your face that it’s organic and will print it in big bold letter to make sure you see it!

What if it’s not branded?

If you’ve just got a baggy of loose leaf tea with no clear packaging or other indicators, Than the first thing you need too do is think about where you got it. Did you buy it in the market? Did you buy it online?

You may be able to easily track back the company who made it by where you bought it. Especially if it was a dedicated tea store or grocery store. When it comes you loose leaf organic tea your already ahead of the curb with thinking it’s probably organic, or at least much more healthy than it’s teabag cousin.

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