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A cup of tea is far more refreshing than anything else. As per the scientific studies, drinking tea is very much the healthier option in order to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer and also lowering the level of bad cholesterol in our body. It also improves the mental focus and gives you a physical strength as well. But there are so many tea brands that contain pesticide and toxins. These tea brands are not at all safe for our health. So, here are some pesticide free tea brands that are awesome.

Some organic tea has pesticides and fluoride:

Not all organic teas are created equally. In fact, many organic teas have various pesticides and strong metal residues even fluoride as well.

Actually, many of the tea leaves are being sprayed with pesticides and they are not properly washed off later. So, the toxins are there and it will be there in your tea cups.

Older leaves have too much toxins and these tea leaves are used by so many popular discount companies. The general reason behind this it is more profitable than the young leaves. So, with this in mind, you really should go for the pesticide free tea brands.

Let’s check some popular pesticide free tea brands that you should go for.

Some Pesticide Free Tea Brands:

Numi Organic Tea

It is a very popular and well-known organic tea company. This tea brand is pesticide free and also verified by non-GMO.

The tea of this particular brand is totally made from Manila hemp cellulose. So, these tea leaves are totally free from epichlorohydrin. The tea of this brand tastes so good.

The sustainability effort of this tea brand is far reaching as well.

The sources of this tea brand are totally organic. It is made with fair trade tea materials. You can feel the taste of natural elements in their tea.

Not only this, but also they uses the eco-friendly packaging. They have already celebrated the 20 years of successful journey in the tea industry.

They also offer so many varieties of flavours. They offer tea in tea bags, flowering tea form and loose leaf as well. In all stores and grocery markets of North America, you can find their brand. Apart from this, you can also order online.

Stash Tea, Pesticide Free Tea Brands

For them, tea is a way to excite the senses. Their tea leaves can surprise your tea buds. The tea of this particular brand tastes so good.

They are very popular tea brand from the year 1970. The popularity has been growing repeatedly. The tea of their brand is natural, organic and kosher as well.

Their tea is also GMO-free. Their tea is made with fair trade ingredients. It does not matter what type of Stash tea you are choosing. Each and every tea tastes good.

The packaging of their tea is also organic and natural. The plastic they use are made of corn. The tea bags of this brand are bi-degradable and GMO-free as well.

They offer a good taste of tea with their organic tea brands. If you prefer the English breakfast at the morning, then this tea will be a good addition to your breakfast platter.

Mighty leaf

It is one of the very popular and luxury organic tea companies in the world. This is one of the popular tea brands from San Francisco.

Their tea is only available in some hand-selected stores, shops and restaurants and hotels. They make the organic tea by using the sources such as exclusively non-GMO raw tea ingredients from Africa and Asia.

Their packaging of tea is quite interesting as they use the recyclable cartoon such as hand-stitched tea bags and all. Apart from this, they select the best type of organic loose tea leaf. They offer so many varieties of tea flavours.

You can also order a collection of sample pack and taste each tea flavours. It is sure that you will enjoy each taste of tea. They are also the front liner in the Global Tea Championships.

Arbor Tea

Arbor tea is the best and popular organic tea brand. They always make the high quality tea. Their tea is largely organic and made with fair trade ingredients as well. It is a family-owned brand. This tea brand runs utterly sustainability.

It is a long journey from the garden to your tea cups. You will enjoy the taste of it.

They are one of the largest online providers. They sell all varieties of teas. You can get the black, green, white, rooibos, herbal and pu-erh as well.

Mountain Rose Herbs

This tea brands taste good and you can buy it with your clear conscience. They always give emphasis on the community well-being and environmental status over the profit.

They offer a huge selection of organic and fair trade tea. They also offer so many varieties such as black, oolong and the flowering herbal teas.


This brand was officially launched in the year 2009. It is a very much popular brand from Queensland, Australia. It is one of the best organic teas in this list. It is one of the popular pesticide free tea brands in the world.

The tea of this particular brand tastes so much. The Tielka tea is a loose leaf from China and this is both organic and made with fair trade ingredients.

You can get classic black, green, oolong and herbal from this particular brand. You can also check the benefits of this organic tea and get the correct brewing as well.

These are some popular and well-known pesticide free tea brands available in the market. For all tea lovers, this is the best and organic tea list.

Now, you should not go for the pesticide-filled tea that can actually harm your health. You should taste these tea brands and enjoy as well. Based on research, these popular pesticide free tea brands are certified by fair trade, non-GMO and do not use chemicals as well.

So, these teas are totally toxin free. You can taste these teas as these are great treat for your body and soul as well.

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