Organic green Tea Bags – Extra uses

Stop! Before you throw away those organic green tea bags, you need to read this post and what you would find that may ultimately surprise you, but in the end, you will be thankful you read this.

Did you know that apart from providing you with rich and healthy tea, your green tea bag is extremely useful for other things including skin care?

Yes, we are talking about the same bag. Yes, that same one for your green tea can also be very therapeutic. Here are a few uses of the tea bag and how it may benefit you:

Uses Of Organic Green Tea Bags

Eye therapy

Do you have eye bags? Or these irritating swelling on your eyes that make your beautiful eyes look bulgy and puffy? Well, guess what can help you with that? That right, the tea bag for green tea.

Most people do not know this, but the tea bag contains a secretion called Tannin. It is an astringent that shrinks the skin. So if you have those swelling on your eyes, all you have to do is place cool the tea bags, then place two on both your eyes and leave it on for a few minutes.

After a while, take it off and wash your face, you would realize that that little therapy session will reduce the swelling and make you look and feel amazing!

Face Therapy, Rip Open Those Organic Green Tea Bags

Yes, you read that right. This is also another amazing use of this tea bag. Since as earlier mentioned, it shrinks and tightens the skin, it can also be used on the face for a better and more amazing glow.

To do this, first, mix the tea bag with sugar (granulated) and add some water on there, then you can use the bags as a scrub and exfoliate your skin. It is also very smooth, so it won’t irritate you. Wash your face afterwards and feel your fresher skin. Repeat this process a couple of days more for more effective result.

Make-shift Face Mask

Here’s how you do it, you can mix some green tea with honey, add some little amount of baking soda and voila!, you have a home-made face mask that is just as effective.

Honey is amazing for a smoother and healthier skin, baking soda is good for exfoliating the skin, together, and you have a triple effect face mask for more effective results and clearer skin.

Hair Shampoo

Rinse you hair with green tea and you will be surprised at the results you have. It is very useful for your mane and allows your hair shine as bright as it can.

Here is how to go about it: boil some tea bags (green tea) for 10-15 minutes. Leave it there till the next day, and then you are ready for the rinse. Dampen your hair a bit and then rinse with this water and leave for up to 10 minutes. Massage and rinse as thoroughly as you can. Afterwards, you may decide to apply regular shampoo. You will be glad at the results.

But don’t just buy the bags for the skin therapy; green tea also has several evidenced based benefits. Here are some of them:

Advantages Of Organic Green Tea Bags

Improves Brain Functionality

Green tea is usually known of keeping drinkers alert and energized, but it may also be great for improving brain function. How does it do this? Yes, caffeine.

Now, green tea contains some amount of caffeine but not as much as coffee. it is basically like taking coffee without the whole caffeine overdose risk.

What does caffeine have to do with the brain? It increases the cylinders of your neurons and this way, it improves your mood, alertness and even memory. The caffeine in green tea bags is an amazing brain stimulator.

Burns Fat

There is barely any fat burning supplement today that would list green tea as one of its ingredients. Green tea increases metabolism and burns fat fast.

However, this is merely in theory because some tests have been carried out and while some responded to the effect of the green tea, others did not.

Lowers Cancer Risk

Unfortunately, cancer is one of the world’s leading causes of death. It is primarily caused when some cells grow uncontrolled

The antioxidants in the green tea bag can protect you against oxidative damage.

These tea bags reduce the risk of:




To have access to these health benefits, it is important to avoid adding milk or sugar to your green tea.

Oral Health Benefits

Green tea through its Cathechins can also cure bad breath.

The Cathechins can slow down the growth of bacteria, thereby lowering your chances of getting infections.

However, there are no strong evidences of this claim, just studies and theories by experts.

Weight Loss

In a short period of time, green tea can boost the metabolic system. It is no surprise that it can contribute to weight loss.

Also, these are just studies and logical reasoning. More facts and tests need to be carried out to properly voice out this theory, however, there is a high chance that it is not misleading.

Longer Life Span

As cheesy as this may sound, green tea actually may help you live longer.

Since some component s in green tea already shield against diabetes and heart diseases. It is totally logical that it can make you live longer.

At the end of the day, green tea bags do a world of good, both for skin and bodily consumptions.

For your eyes bags, skin conditions and every other way, mixed with other ingredients, green tea stands out as extremely therapeutic.

But it doesn’t stop there. It is also great for inner body immunity as it helps with heart diseases and diabetes. It also makes you live longer in this regard.

Watching your weight? Green tea bag may help with that and even with bad breath.

Altogether, it is really not advisable for you to throw away your green tea bag after use, the health and skin benefits are immense and it would be so terrible to waste them. Do the right thing for your health, for your skin and for your entire body,. Put your green tea bag to good use with all these tips. Now you have an edge!

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