Does Organic Green Tea Have Caffeine?

does organic green tea have caffeine? Green tea is gaining popularity these days mainly due to its health benefits as it includes antioxidants in high amounts but some people also drink it for its delicious taste and energy-boosting features. In this way, green tea seems to be similar to black tea and coffee which have caffeine.

In this condition a question arises, does organic green tea have caffeine?

The answer to this question can be, Yes, green tea has caffeine.

This answer gives birth to some other questions like how much is found in green tea and how you can reduce the intake of caffeine through your cup of green tea.

How much caffeine does your green tea contain?

In most brands of green tea a serving of 8 ounces can have up to 25 mg of caffeine, which is very low as compared to 50+mg found in one cup of black tea or 100+mg in a cup of coffee.

However, it is not easy to say how much caffeine can be in a cup of organic green tea as it depends upon several factors such as:

Depending on how long you’ve steeped your tea can be a major factor in the amount of caffeine any individual cup may hold. The longer you steep the more you get.

Even though the same plant both produces green and black tea, Also called Camelia Sinensis, They are still quiet different from each other in terms of looks, features, and effects.

The thing that makes them different is the way they are both processed. For example, The process used for producing green tea is far more gentle than what would be used for producing black tea.

According to various studies, green teas also contain an amino acid that has the potential to lower the jitters caused by caffeine.

In other words, it can be said that the amount of caffeine in green tea depends upon the process of producing it.

Still, caffeine is added to it modestly to improve concentration and give a steady and mild stimulation to the user in some brands. Many people drink green tea to unwind them as it can calm their brain effectively.

Is caffeine in green tea harmful?

According to experts, there can be a risk of addiction when you consume beverages and food containing caffeine.

Moreover, people like pregnant and nursing women should avoid or reduce the consumption of caffeinated food and beverages.

So, if you are drinking green tea routinely and want to reduce the intake of caffeine and avail its other benefits then you should read this write-up until the end.

How to reduce the intake of caffeine with green tea?

Usually, people drink green tea for a number of its health benefits due to various nutrients found in it, but it also contains some amount of caffeine which can be harmful to some people like nursing and pregnant women as well as people sensitive to caffeinated products, etc.

Some tips are provided here under to help you in reducing the intake of caffeine with your cup of green tea.

Know amount of caffeine in green tea

First of all, you must know which part of the tea plant contains caffeine in abundance. The flush part of the tea plant containing two young leaves and a bud in-between contains the highest amount of caffeine even if it is also the sweetest part of the plant.

Usually, people assess the quality and strength of green tea from its color. But according to researchers, green teas of high-grade have the highest amount of caffeine as they are made from the flush part of the plant.

So to reduce the amount of caffeine in your cup of green tea you should avoid buying high-grade tea.

Amount of caffeine one can tolerate

As suggested by experts, up to 300mg of caffeine can be safe for a healthy adult to consume in a day. The caffeine present in the green tea offers a steady and gentle stimulation as compared to the other caffeine-based beverages like black tea, soft drinks, and coffee.

According to a few reports caffeine can cause a few side effects like nervousness and headaches etc.

But the effect of caffeine in green tea is a bit different from other caffeinated beverages because it contains an amino acid, L-Theanine, which helps in calming the brain as well as reducing the effect of caffeine on your nerves. Moreover, the effect of this amino acid is not affected while steaming the green tea.

Furthermore, you can avail the benefit of anti-cancer properties of green tea by consuming it up to two cups or 15-16 ounces per day which may provide you caffeine up to 60mg which is very much less than its safe limit of intake.

Green tea with low caffeine

Some varieties of green tea have low levels of caffeine by chance of nature. These have been cultivated especially for these properties.

Japanese genmaicha, Japanese Bancha, and Japanese houjicha green tea are some of the examples of green teas with low caffeine natural teas. You can choose from them to reduce the consumption of caffeine with green tea.

Decaffeinated green tea

Even green tea that has been decaffeinated cannot be completely free from caffeine. But the quantity of caffeine in them is very low compared to other varieties of green teas.

So you can reduce the intake of caffeine by purchasing green tea with a lot of other nutrients and has been decaffeinated naturally without using any chemicals.

Use loose leaf organic green tea instead

Green teas found in tea bags have a higher amount of caffeine than found in the loose leaves of green tea.

Moreover, the flavor of green tea in tea bags is not very good as compared to the green tea brewed from whole leaves.

Furthermore, whole leaves of green tea can be more affordable than tea bags as you can reuse them 2-3 times unless they are fully used.

Brew green tea properly

The content of caffeine in your cup of green tea depends upon the time you brew it. Brewing green tea leaves for 3-4 minutes can increase the level of caffeine beyond the safe limits. You should brew it for 90-180 seconds to get the best results with low caffeine in your cup.

Thus, even if green tea has some amount of caffeine but you can take full benefit of the nutrients found in your cup of green tea by following the tip provided in this write-up to reduce the level of caffeine in it.

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