Best Organic Green Tea Powder

For quiet a few years, Organic Green Tea Powder, aka matcha has been gradually gaining recognition in the world of food. Whether the matcha has been a part of your daily diet or you’ve just heard the name of this unique herb for the first time, all people benefit with education on different matcha with the available brands.

The holistic coach and the co-author of the renowned book Matcha, A Lifestyle Guide, Anna Kavaliunas, brings a detailed insight on the matcha powders available in Amazon with the best possible quality.

However, before disclosing best available matcha powders, you must know all about green powder for making informed purchase.

Difference between the Matcha and green tea

Differences between the Matcha and green tea

Here the main difference is: The tea coming in the powder form is known as matcha, instead of leaves in tea bag. This would mean that both nutritional benefits and flavors are quite prominent in the matcha.

“A lot of tea leaves, such as ones you get in tea bags, are quite steeped within the water for extracting benefits and flavors. The matcha, would however be made in whole tea leaf ground in powder and can be consumed.

According to Kavaliunas, “while drinking matcha, you’re simply drinking plant”.

Matcha is available from the Tencha leaf, meaning that it is shade-grown. This provides power the inherent bright color with unique nutrient variety.

The ground power isn’t soluble in water, so particles don’t get dissolved on adding to milk or water,” she explains. “Rather, the powder gets liquid suspended.”

Due to this matcha works quite well in smoothies, lattes along with shakes and it quite thicker with viscosity providing creamy beverage.

Best Available organic green tea powders

While there are a lot of benefits associated with the matcha, unfortunately no regulation surrounds for it’s selling. Thus, you’ve got to be sure that you’re purchasing through trusted source.

Here we’ve got the best organic matcha green tea powder products that you can consider:

Encha Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha

The ceremonial grade organic matcha has been sourced from Japan and is first premium harvest certified through USDA organic. The instructions for mixing are provided in the packet back; although some found that the matcha is little chumpy even after you whisk it.

The matcha is well tested for purity including for radiation and heavy metal contamination with public available outcomes. Being ceremonial matcha, this is well suitable for drinking instead of blending or cooking as it is quite expensive and is available in small 1.06 oz pack.


Ceremonial grade Japanese matcha Organic Purity tested First harvest


This is costliest compared to ceremonial grade matchaAvailable in 1.06 small packIsn’t suitable to blend

Chalait Everyday Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Among the favorite Kavaliunas matcha brands is Chalait. The ceremonial grade matcha is directly sourced from origin of Uji, Japan. The flavor here can be classified as mellow along with hint of cacao nibs and bittersweet chocolate.

The refreshing antioxidant-rich beverage can be enjoyed whenever you want to.


Prepares delicious tasting beverage Can be easily preparedIs organic


Cost can be higher compared to others

MatchaBar Classic Matcha

The Matchabar Classic Matcha is an organic grade beverage with fine amounts of ceremonial grade tea powder which is sourced through Kogoshima, Japan. The matcha is quite refreshing and energizing and in a single serving you get around 80mg of caffeine, which is quite far from the normal coffee cup containing around 95 mg.


Has great flavor, texture and color Has 10X minerals, vitamins and antioxidants Anti-aging for skin The effect of weight loss


Little bit bitter

Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder

This is among the best organic matcha green tea powder productsin Amazon. This is organic option from the Jade Leaf which has been quite versatile and is usable in a lot of things like smoothies to baked goods and lattes.

Reviewers have loved the matcha for daily drinking and also found the flavor to be neutral and light for using in great tasting recipes for baking such as matcha-infused cakes and muffins.


Cultivated in traditional farm in organic wayHigh levels of durability and safetyIdeal for weight loss purposeDoesn’t contain additives, sugar and artificial coloring


Flavor is too strongThe powder can be lumpy sometimes

The Republic of Tea Matcha Powder

The stone ground organic green tea powder matcha is available in green color with mellow taste that a lot of Amazon reviewers find as “calming” and “smoothing”.

This is a medium boiled tea that taste delicious when traditionally whisking to hot water, but also this can be added to morning smoothie to get an antioxidant boost.


Made from finest quality leaves and has less caffeine Vegan and organic teaIs organic matcha blended with green tea for a supreme blend


For some people this can be a little bit strong

Keno Organic

Kenko Tea Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade and has been certified USDA organic while getting tested for purity on a monthly basis. As this would be a Japanese ceremonial grade it would be quite expensive for purchasing for buying, although you might think of getting less if it was for low grade matcha.

A few drinkers struggled for blending the matcha and also finding that this can still remain lumpy after whisking and flavor wouldn’t be quite strong like expected.


The tea is pure Japanese matchaThe tea powder is ceremonial gradeCompletely organic teaHas been tested well for purity


The tea might be quite difficult for blendingMight lack flavor a little bitPremium costs as compared to ceremonial grade tea

Enzo’s Private Selection Green Tea Matcha Powder

Organic matcha from Enzo (4 oz) is the culinary matcha grade powder with its roots in China. The matcha is green and is available with satisfaction guarantee with two free recipe ebooks. Many people consider this as low grade compared to other culinary grade matcha and this would not easily dissolve. Also, this is of much more dark greener color.


You get Chinese grade matchaIs organic grade matchaTwo free ebooks for recipes are also includedGuarantee for satisfaction


Some drinkers might develop concerns about contamination with leadDark colorsDoesn’t blend easily

Two main blends of matcha are available in the market: culinary and ceremonial. So, if you’re brewing a matcha based drink, you’ll have to make sure that it’s best organic matcha green tea powder and is ceremonial grade, and if your aim is to bake matcha to make something like bread, you’ll have to get your hands on culinary grade matcha.

With higher tea quality, the smoother and sweeter you get, the matcha must be vibrant green color, and must also taste good.

As matcha has L-theanine, the amino acids altering caffeine effects, this stops energy level slumps occurring after consumption of caffeine. The L-theanine also helps in decreasing stress levels and promotes relaxation.

Enjoying a uniquely brewed matcha cup is quite safe and provides a lot of benefits upon consuming in reasonable amounts. Also, recommendations from other groups would suggest matcha intakes with minimum appearing to be a cup in a day for five days in a week.

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