About Organic Earl Grey Tea – History and Origins

Organic Earl Grey tea is a rich tea blend flavored with an addition of bergamot oil. The fragrant oil of rind gets added to black tea which is responsible for the distinctive and great taste of Organic Earl Grey Tea.

Conventionally, the Earl Grey tea was made through black teas like the China Keemun and was therefore intended to get drunk without the milk.

However, a lot of tea companies since begun offering Earl Grey based on stronger teas like the Ceylons which better suit in addition of cream and milk. Various other varieties have been introduced as well, like the oolong and green. [1]

Origins of Organic Earl Grey tea

While the tea, Earl Grey, got popularized through the English, this wasn’t an English invention. The flavored and scented teas were Chinese uniquely.

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Earlier tea masters in China experimented constantly with different ways of making the teas exotic, not for capturing attention of reigning emperors in that time but for also worldwide trade merchant business who wished to be back at home while bringing distinct flavors from Far East.

The flavors for Organic Earl Grey tea ranged from rich fragrant jasmine lilies and the wild rosebuds along with sweet lychee fruit varieties and bitter oranges.

The tea masters also infused various flavors and fragrances to teas at the time of processing for creating unique and great tasting beverages.

According to one history in the Earl Grey origins it was said that mandarin tea master in Chine blended first Earl Grey like gift meant for Charles Grey, Prime Minister of UK and 2nd Early of Grey from the years 1830 to 1844. [2]

According to Grey family, tea master also used the bergamot as flavoring for offsetting lime flavoring in well water in the estate of Earl Grey, Howick Hall, Newcastle, England.

Lady Grey (wife of Earl Grey) started to love the tea that she exclusively entertained it.

This proved quite popular with the London society, and she asked the London tea merchants for recreating it.

However, one thing was quite obvious: While 2nd Early of Grey got abolished slavery with reformed laws for child labor within England at the time of political leadership, most famously he would be remembered for beloved tea that he helped in introducing to world audience.

Variations and Preparations

As it is applied to the “Earl Grey” tea, it cannot be said as registered trademark as a lot of tea manufacturers have produced own versions of Earl Grey tea, through the use of wide varieties of additives along with tea leaves.

How to prepare proper earl grey and lady grey

For the Lady Grey, there are a lot of varieties; the two common types are (Citrus Lady Grey and Cornflower Lady Grey), and these are combinations of organic Earl Grey tea and Seville organs and cornflower. The “Lady Grey” has been recognized as the Twinning’s Trademark.

The beverage known as “London Fog” has been a combination of Earl Grey in addition to vanilla syrup and steamed milk.

A lot of variations would be available with ingredients like jasmine and various other flowers as well. With blend of rose petals, this gained popularity as the French Earl Grey, later on becoming the renowned mix at the Australian store.

A tea variety known as Russian Earl Grey would get ingredients like the citrus peels with lemon grass additionally to usual bergamot and black tea.

Also, a lot of companies have made tea known as Earl Grey Green or the “Earl Green” tea, after mixing together leaves of green tea instead of using the conventional leaves of black tea with bergamot flavoring. This is a similar variation known as Earl Grey White or the tea “Earl White” combining tea leaves in addition to bergamot flavoring.

The Rooibos Earl Grey would be obvious variation through the use of South African herbal tea being substitute meant for conventional form made through black tea. [3]

Using as Flavoring

The Earl Grey tea has been ideal for using as flavoring for a lot of cakes with confectionary like chocolates along with savory sauces. For the sauces, the flavor normally gets created after adding tea bags for basic stock, after boiling for few minutes and discarding bags.

To get sweet recipes, loose tea often gets added to the melted butter with hot cream and it gets strained after flavor gets infused.

Most widely the Organic Earl Grey has been defined as black tea flavored with bergamot oil. Brewing Earl Grey tea has no particular way, which is why a lot of Earl Grey tea that has been made tastes a lot different than the other.

Caffeine content in Earl Grey with base as black tea will be same as any brewed black tea.


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